Manufacturer, Exporter of Engineering Product as Forgings, Castings, Pressure Die Casting, Sintering, Sheet Metal Components, Machining Development in India. Loveson Exports
We are Trader of Engineering Product Development in India.Offers Engineering Product Development as Forging, Castings, Sintering, Sheet Metal, Machining, Moulds, Prototyping, CAD Drafting in India.Contact Engineering Product Manufacturer as well as Engineering Product Exporter in India. Enquiry for Forgings, Castings, Pressure Die Casting, Sintering, Sheet Metal Components Supplier in India.
die forging suppliers, sand casting exporters, die forging exporters, sand die casting Engineering Product Development – Forging, Castings, Sintering, Sheet Metal, Machining, Moulds, Prototyping, CAD DraftingEngineering Product Development – Forging, Castings, Sintering, Sheet Metal, Machining, Moulds, Prototyping, CAD Drafting Loveson Exports
Lovson Exports
Offers Lost Wax Injection Moulds as well as Lost Wax Moulds, Lost Wax Casting in India.

Lovson Exports


Lovson is a multi-product and services company. Since inception in 1968, Lovson has achieved continuous and substantial growth. The resources of the Company, both human and financial, have grown to keep pace with the expanse of business. The company was recognised by the Government of India as an Export House in the year 1977 and since then hasn't looked backed.

Lovson Engineering product and services division is run by dedicated stakeholders with varied experience in different business segments and active in the field of castings, forgings, sheet metal, sintered, and machined components, and also provides services, like CAD drafting/designing, reverse engineering and rapid prototyping.

Over the years Lovson has grown, by entering into strategic alliances and partnerships with manufacturers in various fields. LOVSON has experienced professionals on the team who operate in tandem with various agencies as one stop shop for best products & services from India. LOVSON, today has a diversified range of products which are exported all over the globe.

We follow the ISO 9001-2000 quality system.

The Quality Management System of Lovson Exports represents a combination of structure, responsibility, procedures, processes and resources to provide a general quality management based on the goals defined by the provisions of the organization's policy.

We at Lovson are sensitive to customer concerns and ensure absolute confidentiality and privacy of any information that is given to us. Customers can specify their preferred method of contact with us.

We will make it easy for you to work with us by striving to make customers comfortable with outsourcing to India by ensuring the process seamless and hassle-free. The Lovson team is always eager to go the extra mile by for our customers.


Mapping customer’s needs
Excellent communication skills - good command over both written and spoken English. Computer literate and internet savvy Marketing and support team.

Outsourcing expertise

Domain knowledge in diverse fields

38 years of experience in serving global clients

Expertise in executing short and long-term projects to your specific requirements.

Location in Mumbai & Ahemdabad.

Road Map to Custom development and production.

Step 1
Receipt of Drawings from Client.
Receipt of samples from client. An estimate of the following services is provided.

Reverse Engineering
1. Material tests – Chemical and Physical properties.
2. CMM – mapping
3. Preparing CAD drawings.

Step 2
Mapping of customer's requirements and providing a detailed technical and commercial offer.

Step 3
On reaching an agreement with the client, start the development process ( dies, patterns, jigs, fixtures, etc)

Step 4
Submit samples to client for approval .

Step 5
Start Production on approval of the samples. In process QA.

Step 6
QC inspection

Step 7

We have established an ongoing relationship with our clients by providing them high quality products. We are striving to elevate our standard of excellence for the benefit of our clients. We solicit queries from traders, buyers and others interested in our products. Please send in your queries to further know details of our products and services.

Products as Casting, Forging, Engines, Pumps, Valves are spelled and known in different languages of Spain, Portuguese, French and German.
In Spain casting is called as Bastidor, in Portuguese its called as Carcaça, in French as Bâti, in German as Gußteil.
Forging called in Spain is as Forja, in Portuguese as Forjamento, in French as Pièce forgéee, in German as Schmieden.
In the same way Engines in spain are spelled as Motores, in Portuguese as Motores, in French as Moteurs, in German as Maschinen.
Pumps called in Spain is as Bombas, in Portuguese as Bombas, in French as Pièce Pompes, in German as Pumpen.
As well as Valves in spain are spelled as Válvulas, in Portuguese as Válvulas, in French as Valves, in German as Ventile.

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Pressure Die Castings Sintering Sheet Metal Components
Machining Facility Lost Wax Castings Sand Iron Casting
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