Manufacturer, Exporter of Engineering Product as Forgings, Castings, Pressure Die Casting, Sintering, Sheet Metal Components, Machining Development in India. Loveson Exports
We are Trader of Engineering Product Development in India.Offers Engineering Product Development as Forging, Castings, Sintering, Sheet Metal, Machining, Moulds, Prototyping, CAD Drafting in India.Contact Engineering Product Manufacturer as well as Engineering Product Exporter in India. Enquiry for Forgings, Castings, Pressure Die Casting, Sintering, Sheet Metal Components Supplier in India.
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Lovson Exports
Lovson Exports

Lovson Exports


Plastic Injection Moulds

Precision Plastic Injection Mould

Mould Design And Manufacturing
We have an extensive experience in manufacturing moulds for Lost Wax Injection. We have already developed a large variety of parts covering a wide spectrum of industries like Automobiles, Aeronautical , Medical, Pumps, Food Processing , Gas Turbines, Steam Turbines, etc. We provide total solution for lost wax moulds & casting broadly categorized as follows:

We specialize in the manufacturing of precision complex moulds, which requires excellent surface finish with fine parting line matching. We have the design facility to handle complex shapes. We use I-deas as standard engineering design tool, and we have developed expertise in utilizing I-deas to the fullest. We are equally comfortable with complex surfaces, or assemblies of large number of parts. Every project is 3D modeled in 100% including fine clearances, chamfers, and fillets. Once design in finalized, these model works as final point of reference for all other downstream process.

The tool room is equipped with CNC machines, CAM Stations, CNC programmers, EDM, etc.

Sand Casting Steel

Custom Development Closed Die Forging Open Die Forging Sand Casting Steel
Pressure Die Castings Sintering Sheet Metal Components
Machining Facility Lost Wax Castings Sand Iron Casting
Services Lost Wax Injection Moulds Plastic Injection Moulds Rapid Prototyping
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