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Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping
We aim to break away from the traditional and monotonous routine of using wooden patterns for obtaining the negative impression of the part and then casting the available materials in them. Rapid Prototyping overcomes the inherent limitations of methods that are time consuming (usually several weeks), prone to material wastage and rely on manual skills to a large extent. Besides being an additive process, it also eases the manufacturing of complex parts vis-a-vis the traditional material removing process.

The Rapid Prototyping services offered by us can be broadly classified into the Master making and the Replica making. The Master making process involves a computerized 3-D data and slicing it into multiple layers. This layered data is then fed to a machine and the Master prototype is built layer by layer.

The Masters are made from ABS equivalent plastic material and have about 60% to 80% strength of the same section in solid. For the Master making process, we work the best and the fastest based on the data in the STL format accepted over the Internet.

Replicas are made by using this Master prototype or a part made by any other process as a pattern to obtain a Rapid Tool and casting selected grade of urethane into it.

The Replicas are made from various grades of poly-urethanes that can stimulate properties of ABS, PP, Elastomers etc. These can, selectively, be made with high strength or high temperature resistant properties. Some of these can also be pigmented or made transparent.

Rapid Prototyping

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